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Staying Safe During Break

Over the next month, there will be holiday closings, as well as days when UT is open, but relatively few faculty, staff, and students are on campus. Here are a few reminders of what departments should do to ensure security during this period:

Please be aware of when campus is open and when your building is open. Holiday closing schedules are available on the UT HR website.

When UT is open, most academic buildings are unlocked from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. Exterior doors are also open whenever there are scheduled activities in the building, which include late classes, lab sections, alumni events, social events, public events, etc. Each department receives a list of scheduled activities in their building/s for the weekend. Please check with your department head or office manager for this list.

When an exterior door is unlocked at a time when it should not be, please report it by calling UT Police Department at the non-emergency number, (865) 974-3114, or by reporting it through the LiveSafe app. Don’t report this type of problem by email, because it may not be read until after the weekend or holiday closing is over. Read more about the UT Police Department.

Do not prop open exterior or interior doors. Please close and/or lock your office door when you are not in the office.

If an employee of UT (faculty member, staff, grad student), needs entry to a building where they do not have card access, they should call UTPD at the non-emergency number. They will require approval (email is OK) of a faculty member or supervisor before letting you in. Facilities Services One Call is not supposed to provide entry to buildings when they are closed.

People working in labs, offices, or other work spaces in periods of low occupancy, should try to travel and work in pairs or groups. Try to set up systems for checking on your peers while working. This is especially important for people working in settings with hazardous chemicals or equipment. No one should be working alone when UT is closed, especially in a lab, studio, or workshop. Accidents happen. It is not safe.

If you have any questions about facilities or safety during the winter break, please email Larry McKay, associate dean of research and facilities, College of Arts and Sciences.