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Staff Appreciation Event

All 2017 Faculty Award Winners

We honored outstanding staff at our annual Staff Appreciation Event May 18. Congratulations to the following for your service to the college and exceptional work for your departments!

Outstanding Academic Support

Dean Lee with Deb Welsh and Connie Ogle

Dean Lee with Deb Welsh and Connie Ogle

Rachelle Allen, Department of Microbiology

Several faculty in the department nominated Allen for this award, saying she is the face, heart, and soul of the microbiology department. “Her knowledge of campus personnel and processes is extensive, and she makes every effort to use this knowledge and her strong ethical standards to ensure faculty and students are cared for,” one nominator wrote. “Without Rachelle, there would be no microbiology department. She knows just about everything and always does her job with a smile.”

Connie Ogle, Department of Psychology

Nominated by Deb Welsh, professor and head of psychology, faculty and students of the department describe Ogle as the heart and soul of the department. “Connie is the department head’s ‘right hand woman’ and keeps all the trains running on time in the department,” Welsh wrote. “She is nothing short of miraculous.”

Outstanding Financial Support

Dianna Beeler, Departments of Classics and Religious Studies

Nominated by Rosalind Hackett, professor and head of religious studies, Helene Sinnreich, chair of Judaic studies, and Aleydis Van de Moortel, professor and head of classics, Beeler holds down three part-time jobs. She is the accountant for the Departments of Religious Studies and Classics and co-organizes the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium and State Science Olympiad. “Beeler goes above and beyond the call of duty,” one nominator wrote. “She has brought new energy and collegiality to our workplace.”

LaShel Brown, Department of Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology

Nominated by several faculty in the department, Brown is someone who deeply cares about her job responsibility. “She makes administrative and support miracles happen on a daily basis for all BCMB faculty and their groups,” one nominator wrote. “She supports student veterans who return to full time higher education and research after years of serving our county in the military,” wrote another nominator. “A veteran herself, LaShel tremendously helps them transition to a different life.”

Dianna Beeler with Dean Lee
Dianna Beeler with Dean Lee
LaShel Brown with Dean Lee
LaShel Brown with Dean Lee

Outstanding Technical Support

Shirley Martin and Nancy Loftis with Dean Lee

Shirley Martin and Nancy Loftis with Dean Lee

James Hodges, Biology Business Office

Nominated by several faculty, Hodges’ work ethic is impeccable. “If materials and supplies don’t get delivered on time, the research grinds to a halt, but no matter the weather – hot or cold, sun, rain, or snow – James will deliver your packages,” one nominator wrote. “James has the personality that makes interacting with him a joy,” another nominator wrote. “He will always leave you with a smile.”

Outstanding Teamwork

Nancy Loftis and Shirley Martin, Department of Sociology

Nominated by Jon Shefner, professor and head of sociology, and Lo Presser, professor and associate head, Loftis and Martin work as a team to make sure the students and faculty in sociology have exactly what they need to thrive. “They are proactive in helping and anticipating what one might need,” Shefner and Presser wrote. “Nancy and Shirley infuse the front office of the Department of Sociology with a positive, can-do energy.”