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Implications of the New Grading Policy

The new grading policy has several implications for both students and faculty. Here are some things that you and your students may want to consider.

Grade Values

A       4.0 C        2.0
A-      3.7 C-      1.7
B+      3.3 D+      1.3
B        3.0 D       1.0
B-      2.7 D-      .7
C+      2.3 F        0
  • Not only were minus grades added to UT’s grading scale, but the value of plus grades changed. For example, previously the grade of B+ had a point value of 3.5. Presently the grade value of a B+ is 3.3. Plus grades awarded prior to fall 2008 will retain their original point value on the student’s transcript.
  • A grade of C- (point value of 1.7) does not count in the major. Departments may choose to make an exception (by petition) if desired.
  • Grades of WP and WF (beginning in fall 2008) have no impact on the GPA. Grades of WF awarded prior to fall 2008 will continue to count in the GPA calculation.
  • Students may satisfy general education and basic skills and distribution requirements with a grade of D- or greater.
  • Unless otherwise noted in the catalog, grades of C-, D+, D, and D- may satisfy pre-requisites to a major.