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Employee Engagement and Process Improvement Groups

Meet the Members of New College Workgroups

As we continue to invest in the college to provide support for faculty, staff, and students, we have created two workgroups to help us improve processes and employment engagement. 

Process Improvement

This working group is intended to help the college prioritize processes and procedures that need to be rethought/reworked. The group will also advise on how to move forward with each process improvement area by suggesting methods for developing improvements. The members will determine if they can adequately determine new processes or if sub-groups or other methods will need to be utilized.

Co-organizers: Jessica Black and Showni Medlin-Crump

Members: Tammy Berry, Judith Canter, Bridgit Carpenter, Laura Clayton, Andy Cross, Emily Pope, Landon Sommer, Marin Wooley

Employee Engagement

This working group will help the College of Arts and Sciences develop effective ways to improve employee satisfaction and engagement at all levels. Areas of focus will be employee recognition, retention, onboarding, performance, growing in place, etc.

Co-organizers: Lisa Hoffman and Marla Roberts

Members: Pam Armentrout, Tom Cervone, Eric Mercer, Ann Robinson-Craig, Angie Staley, LaShel Stevens, Maggie Wallen, Teresa Volkodav-Crabtree

Please reach out to any workgroup member with ideas or suggestions!