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DSAC Minutes, 9-4-12

  1. Introductions
    1. Dean Lee, Missy Parker, Lindsay Lee (DSAC President)
  2. Officer Elections
    1. Vice President: Lisa Dicker
    2. Secretary: Tim Kimbrough
  3. Pre-Game Showcase
    1. Pre-Game Showcases are public lectures scheduled 2 hours before each home football game (more information, including topics, can be found at : )
    2. We would like to have DSAC representatives at each of the Pre-Game Showcases
    3. A number of people have already signed up but we only have one person for Sept. 15 and Nov. 10, and Nov. 24.  If you are interested, you can contact Lindsay at
  4. Curriculum Meetings
    1. There will be three sets of curriculum meetings this semester at which DSAC members will serve as student representatives
    2. The first set, held in September, will cover potential changes to the requirements of specific majors within the system
    3. The second set will be reviewing proposals for the UTracK system,  designed to ensure that Freshmen and Sophomores stay on track for graduation
    4. The third set, held in November, will cover proposed changes to the curriculum of the College of Arts and Sciences as a whole
    5. There are still openings and if you are interested in getting more information, you can contact Lindsay at
  5. Connecting DSAC with College Departments
    1. One of our goals is to foster more interaction between departments (both students and faculty) and their DSAC representatives
    2. Representatives are strongly encouraged to meet with their department heads to discuss ways to make DSAC more accessible to students in the department

i.     Get on e-mail lists

ii.     Talk to clubs

iii.     Make representative contact info available on the department webpage

  1. Make online connectivity with DSAC easier
  2. Get DSAC connected with SGA
    1. We are working on getting connected with SGA

i.     The first connection is to be through the Academic Affairs Committee of SGA

ii.     Volunteers were requested to attend AAC meetings

  1. Dean Lee’s Closing Remarks
    1. Representatives serve as a conduit for information between the committee and their individual departments
    2. Getting students out to vote

i.     Awareness of changes to voting laws

ii.     Cooperation with Baker Center in promoting student awareness and voter registration