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Helpful Resources for UT Students Pursuing Admission to Medical School

As a pre-med student, the application process for medical school will be very competitive. Start off by giving yourself the best academic foundation possible, by proactively taking advantage of the great resources on campus!

UT Academic Resources:

The Math Place:

The Chemistry Tutorial Center:

Chemistry Department Tips for First Year Students:

Academic Success Center:

One on One Academic Coaching:

Vol Study Center:

UT Libraries:

Judith Anderson Herbert Writing Center:

Non-UT Academic Resources:

Study Techniques for Pre Medical Students – Johns Hopkins Pre-Health Advising:

UT Center for Career Development and Academic Exploration (CCDAE):

CCDAE Industry: Health and Wellness:
CCDAE Health Professions:

UT Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships (URF):

URF home:
URF Getting Started in Research:
URF Awards and Fellowships Overview:

Key Pre Med Resources for Students

Association of American Medical Colleges:
American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine:
Exploration and Career Searching via Explore Health Careers:
UTK Arts and Sciences Pre Health Advising:
Helpful comparison between MD and DO:
AAMC Deciding if Medicine is For You:
AAMC Students and Residents:
AAMC Pre Med Resources:
AAMC Understanding the Process:
AAMC Free Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR) Reports for
Applicants and Advisors: (Start here for most up to date information)
AAMC PreMedical Coursework Chart
Secondary Application Information
Situational Judgment Test (SJT) and/or Other Assessments
AAMC Preparing for Medical School:
AAMC Applying to Medical Research Programs (PHD or MD/PHD):
AAMC Finding Summer Plans and Programs:
AAMC Exploring Medical Paths:
AAMC Subscribe to PreMed Navigator (Newsletter):
AAMC PreMed Calendar:
AAMC Fee Assistance Program:
AAMC FACTS (Data on Applicants, Matriculants and more):
AAMC FREE 2022 Official Guide to Medical School Admissions
AAMC Interview Resources for Medical Applicants:
AAMC Medical School Applicant Interview Preparation Guide:

Additional helpful AACOM websites:

AACOM Choose Do Explore Medical Schools:
AACOM Osteopathic Medical College Recruiting Events:
AACOM Prepare for Medical School:


Applying to Medical School with AMCAS:
AMCAS Tools and Tutorials:


AACOM Apply to Medical School: Learn about the Application Process:
AACOMAS Application Fee Waiver:


AAMC Taking the MCAT Exam:
AAMC About the MCAT Exam:
AAMC Prepare for the MCAT Exam:
AAMC What’s on the MCAT Exam?
AAMC MCAT Free Planning and Study Resources:
Khan Academy MCAT Prep:
AAMC MCAT Official Prep Product Comparison:
AAMC What’s on the MCAT Exam PDF:
AAMC the MCAT Essentials for Testing Year 2023 PDF: