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Sam Raines

Sam Raines

Academic Advisor


Malesus, Tennessee


My mornings are for riding a bike, yoga, and then drinking coffee while I read or write. I play guitar and banjo, sing, write songs, record, and perform. Traveling fulfills a desire to soak up cultures in faraway places, and hiking and backpacking in the wilderness is a necessary escape. Once in a while I will be on fire about some random new project like building a computer, learning about economics, or making a budgeting Excel spreadsheet. I listen to podcasts, read books, try new foods, play board games and video games, and love watching movies and tv shows with compelling characters and storylines. But the most important thing to me is to spend time and really be present with the people I care about. (Animals, too. Animals are people.)


BA in Psychology, University of Memphis/Lambuth University

In progress–MS in College Student Personnel, University of Tennessee–Knoxville

Educational Philosophy

Anything worth learning is hard, and when I took the path of least resistance, I missed the greater lessons. As I have searched out those lessons, it has become clear that education is not about committing facts or processes to memory, but instead it is the arrival at an entirely new state of being, one that adds a depth and richness to my life that only makes sense when experienced. Everyone must find their own approach; what helped me was going at my own pace and savoring the new connections I was making in my brain. Also, beginning by exploring what I was already interested in made learning beyond that subject easier and helped me see how seemingly unrelated areas were linked. Education–in and out of the classroom–has been a critical contributor to my falling in love with the life I am living.

Favorite Quote

“Give up defining yourself–to yourself or to others. You won't die. You will come to life." –Eckhart Tolle

Sam Raines