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Marissa Buccilli

Marissa Buccilli

Academic Advisor, Division of Biology


Pittsburgh, PA

Personal Interests

I definitely consider myself a “multipotentialite,” which is why I am constantly exploring new ideas and finding ways to combine these ideas with old interests. Professionally and academically speaking, I enjoy reading, writing, and research and taking advantage of any opportunity I have to learn something new that I can add to my current knowledge base and work that I do. As for personal interests, I enjoy being outside in nature whether that be walking, hiking, or getting out on the water kayaking. I identify as someone in the middle of the introvert and extrovert spectrum – depending on the day and the situation. Exercising, cooking, and meal-prepping are essentials for me and so is The Office, Netflix Crime Documentaries, and anything lemon flavored (especially lemon macarons). I am a huge advocate on the importance of taking time for you, and I am a firm believer that in order to have the ability and energy to take care of others, we need to have the energy to care for ourselves first. I appreciate reflective self-care practices like mindfulness and meditation that help to cultivate spaces for personal growth and am always open to talking about these topics with others any time I have the opportunity.


MA in English, University of North Carolina Wilmington

BS in Secondary Education English (7 – 12), Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania

Educational Philosophy

I believe that education provides us with the wonderful opportunity to continue to evolve. Nowhere does it state that where you start is where you need to finish, regardless of the major, job, career, or interests that you had at the beginning. If the version of myself today talked to undergraduate me, I’m fairly certain she would be surprised (and possibly even slightly annoyed) to know that her well-thought-out five-year plan did not go exactly the way she anticipated. As we progress as individuals, we continue to shift as we find ourselves in new situations and having gained knew knowledge as a result.  Our values and interests continue to adapt as a result of our experiences – both inside and outside the classroom – and what we choose to invest ourselves in becomes a reflection of who we are. I have found that there are important lessons to be learned with any situation, as comfortable or uncomfortable as these situations may feel at the time. I encourage students and myself to lean into these experiences and to spend time reflecting on what lessons – both old and new – can be learned and then applied to help this process of evolution to continue.

Favorite Quote

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” – Anne Lamott

Marissa Buccilli