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John Buckley

John Buckley

Senior Academic Advisor, Department of Psychology


Derby, KS

Personal Interests

My own undergraduate exploration began in vocal music performance and moved through journalism and education to psychology. At different points, I was a non-traditional, transfer, and community college student. My first advising role was with a TRIO program in support of first generation students pursuing STEM majors.   

I love the feeling of discovering something new or different whether it’s a place, concept, way of thinking, or a piece of music, art, cuisine, or history. I’m fascinated by how people develop and come together in teams, organizations, and institutions. These loves find their way into my professional interests, which include incorporating social justice, career development, and different counseling or case management approaches in academic advising. My personal interests include traveling, camping, hiking, mindfulness, cooking, music, politics, and sustainability. I enjoy learning about different forms of diversity and truly believe we have something to learn from every person we meet if we open our minds. I love attending concerts and used to plan them (as well as other events) as a graduate assistant for the Union Program Council at Kansas State University. Outside of my work life, you can normally find me planning my next trip, in a record shop, trying out different foods and recipes, watching a TV series or documentary, and co-parenting my cat – a Russian Blue mix named Mabel.


BA Psychology, Wichita State University, Wichita, KS

MS, Counseling and College Student Development, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

Graduate Certificate in Academic Advising, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

Educational Philosophy

When at its best, I believe higher education can cognitively, affectively, relationally, and intellectually transform people while raising awareness of self, community, and the world. As a student and advisor, I’ve found that the goals of education involve developing different ways of knowing and constructing knowledge, but the most meaningful experiences tend to be when students discover a new way of thinking or inquiring about the world around them. I believe that education is a human right and that it’s important to consider how diverse people access and experience higher education. Higher education must teach both work and life while promoting constant engagement and improvement civically and globally. In my own advising practice, I strive to be student centered by embracing all forms of diversity, supporting self-authorship, guiding students through planned and unplanned transitions, and being an advocate for my students.

Favorite Quote

“The proof that one truly believes is in action.” – Bayard Rustin

John Buckley