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Dean’s Student Advisory Council

DSAC MembersThe Dean’s Student Advisory Council (DSAC) of the College of Arts and Sciences is a group of undergraduate student representatives who serve as an advisory group to the dean of the college and his or her staff. Each department and school within the college appoints two undergraduate representatives to the council, making DSAC a broad-based, representative group that functions as a conduit for direct communication between the college’s students and administration. The monthly DSAC meetings with the dean provide an opportunity for the mutual exchange of ideas and open dialogue about problems and issues in the college and the university. The meetings also offer an opportunity for the dean and his or her administrative staff to solicit advice and student perspectives on decisions affecting matters of importance to students. In addition to attending monthly meetings, DSAC members serve on various committees of the college, such as the curriculum committees and academic review boards. For the past three years, DSAC members have also co-hosted the Pregame Showcase with the dean. DSAC members are often invited to give presentations to the Dean’s Advisory Board, and occasionally, they meet with prospective students and their families to discuss academic opportunities within the college.

DSAC Officers

  • Theresa Lee, Dean (Chair)
  • Melissa Parker
  • Jasmine Johnson, President
  • Rachael Maclean, Secretary