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Lindsay Young Professorships

The Lindsay Young Professorships were established in 1980 by a generous gift from the late Mr. Lindsay Young of Knoxville, Tennessee. Under the terms of the original Memorandum of Agreement, income from the gift endowment supports ten annual professorships, including one each in art, English, history, law, and veterinary medicine. The remaining five professorships are awarded to faculty members in the humanities within the College of Arts and Sciences. A total of eight professorships are currently allocated to the college. Each professorship provides an annual salary supplement of $8,000 plus $1,000 for research support.

Nominees must hold terminal degrees in their respective disciplines, be tenured with at least six years of service in their disciplines, and have served at least five years as a UT faculty member.

Nominations must include the following:

  1. a letter of recommendation from the nominee’s department head
  2. a report of a vote by the tenured faculty on nomination
  3. the nominee’s current vita documenting a career of distinguished classroom teaching and scholarship (limited to five pages)
  4. an example of the nominee’s recent published scholarship (limit to one book or two articles)
  5. a brief statement (500 words) by the nominee describing his/her current teaching and research agenda.

Beginning in 2011, Lindsay Young Professors will be appointed to a two-year term. The Memorandum of Understanding requires, however, that the dean review the performance of all Lindsay Young Professors annually. In order to comply with the agreement and maintain the two-year term, department heads and directors must certify that Lindsay Young professors continue to meet expectations for the professorship and provide the college with an updated vita by April 1 of the year following the award. The college evaluates all nominations and renewals with a view to rewarding exceptional professional achievement, especially in the areas of scholarship and teaching.

Nominations for the 2021-2023 Lindsay Young Professorships are due in the college office May 2, 2022. Please send all materials electronically (except for books, where applicable) to the attention of Marla Roberts.

Nominations will be reviewed by an appointed committee of senior faculty members. The dean will make final selections based on the recommendations of this committee. If you have any questions regarding the Lindsay Young Professorships or any aspect of the nomination criteria or procedure, please contact Marla Roberts.


Year Recipient Department
2019-2021 Suzanne Wright Art
2019-2021 Thomas Haddox English
2019-2021 Laura Nenzi History
2019-2021 Aleydis Van de Moortel Classics
2019-2021 Christine Shepardson Religious Studies
2019-2021 Amy Elias English
2019-2021 Maria Stehle MFLL
2019-2021 Adam Cureton Philosophy
2017-2019 Timothy Hiles Art
2017-2019 Aleydis Van de Moortel Classics
2017-2019 Misty Anderson English
2017-2019 Thomas Haddox English
2017-2019 Stephen Blackwell MFLL
2017-2019 E.J. Coffman Philosophy
2017-2019 Tina Shepardson Religious Studies
2017-2018 Laura Nenzi History
2016-2018 Denise Phillips History
2016-2018 Amy Elias English
2016-2018 Monica Black History
2016-2018 Daniel Magilow MFLL
2016-2018 Maria Stehle MFLL
2015-2017 Timothy Hiles Art
2015-2017 Aleydis Van de Moortel Classics
2015-2017 Heather Hirschfeld English
2015-2017 Misty Anderson English
2015-2017 Vejas Liulevicius History
2015-2017 Les Essif MFLL
2015-2017 E.J. Coffman Philosophy
2015-2017 Tina Shepardson Religious Studies
2015-2016 Laura Nenzi History
2013–2015 Amy Neff Art
2013–2015 Salvatore Di Maria Classics
2013–2015 E.J. Coffman Philosophy
2013–2015 Greg Kaplan Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures
2013–2015 Vejas Liulevicius History
2013–2015 Michael Lofaro English
2013–2015 Robert Stillman English
2013–2015 Aleydis Van De Moortel Classics
2011–2013 Greg Kaplan Modern Foreign Languages and Literature
2011–2013 Stephen Blackwell Modern Foreign Languages and Literature
2011–2013 Vejas Liulevicius History
2011–2013 Robert Stillman English
2011–2013 Michael Lofaro English
2011–2013 La Vinia Jennings English
2011–2013 Aleydis Van De Moortel Classics
2011–2013 Amy Neff Art
2010–2011 Greg Kaplan Modern Foreign Languages and Literature
2010–2011 Amy Neff Art
2010–2011 Aleydis Van de Moortel Classics
2010–2011 La Vinia Jennings English
2010–2011 Marilyn Kallet English
2010–2011 Michael Lofaro English
2010–2011 Robert Stillman English
2010–2011 Vejas Liulevicius History
2009–2010 Amy Neff Art
2009–2010 La Vinia Jennings English
2009–2010 Marilyn Kallet English
2009–2010 Michael Lofaro English
2009–2010 Robert Stillman English
2009–2010 Ernie Freeberg History
2009–2010 Michael Kulikowski History
2009–2010 Vejas Liulevicius History
2009–2010 David Reidy Philosophy
2008–2009 Amy Neff Art
2008–2009 Christopher Craig Classics
2008–2009 Stan Garner English
2008–2009 Marilyn Kallet English
2008–2009 Mike Lofaro English
2008–2009 Lorri Glover History
2008–2009 Michael Kulikowski History
2008–2009 David Reidy Philosophy
2007–2008 Amy Neff Art
2007–2008 Christopher Craig Classics
2007–2008 Janet Atwill English
2007–2008 Stan Garner English
2007–2008 Marilyn Kallet English
2007–2008 Mike  Lofaro English
2007–2008 Stephen Ash History
2007–2008 Thomas Burman History
2006–2007 Tim Hiles Art
2006–2007 Christopher Craig Classics
2006–2007 Janet Atwill English
2006–2007 Stanton Garner English
2006–2007 Marilyn Kallet English
2006–2007 Stephen Ash History
2006–2007 Thomas  Burman History
2006–2007 Jim Fitzgerald Religious Studies
2005–2006 Amy Neff Art
2005–2006 Christopher Craig Classics
2005–2006 Stanton Garner English
2005–2006 Nancy Goslee English
2005–2006 Ilona Leki English
2005–2006 Stephen Ash History
2005–2006 Thomas  Burman History
2005–2006 Christine  Holmlund Modern Foreign Languages & Literature
2004–2005 Fred Moffatt Art
2004–2005 Christopher Craig Classics
2004–2005 Stanton Garner English
2004–2005 Nancy Goslee English
2004–2005 Richard Kelly English
2004–2005 Michael Lofaro English
2004–2005 Stephen Ash History
2004–2005 Christine Holmlund Modern Foreign Languages & Literature
2003–2004 Faye  Harrison Anthropology
2003–2004 Fred Moffatt Art
2003–2004 Christopher Craig Classics
2003–2004 Stanton Garner English
2003–2004 Nancy Goslee English
2003–2004 Richard Kelly English
2003–2004 Stephen Ash History
2003–2004 Wayne Farris History
2002–2003 Faye  Harrison Anthropology
2002–2003 Dorothy Habel Art
2002–2003 Geraldine Gesell Classics
2002–2003 Stephen Ash English
2002–2003 Stanton Garner English
2002–2003 Nancy Goslee English
2002–2003 Richard Kelly English
2002–2003 Chuck Maland English
2002–2003 Wayne Farris History
2002–2003 Yen-Ping Hao History
2001–2002 Dorothy Habel Art
2001–2002 Geraldine Gesell Classics
2001–2002 Stanton Garner English
2001–2002 Nancy Goslee English
2001–2002 Richard Kelly English
2001–2002 Chuck Maland English
2001–2002 Wayne Farris History
2001–2002 Yen-Ping Hao History
2000–2001 Richard Kelly English
2000–2001 Yen-Ping Hao History
2000–2001 Dorothy Habel Art
2000–2001 Geraldine Gesell Classics
2000–2001 Don Cox English
2000–2001 Nancy Goslee English
2000–2001 Chuck Maland English
2000–2001 Wayne Farris History
1999–2000 Chuck Maland English
1999–2000 Dorothy Habel Art
1999–2000 Geraldine Gesell Classics
1999–2000 Robert Drake English – Split/w Goslee
1999–2000 Nancy Goslee English – Split/w Drake
1999–2000 Richard Kelly English
1999–2000 Palmira Brummett History
1999–2000 Yen-Ping Hao History
1999–2000 Rosalind Hackett Religious Studies
1998–1999 Chuck Maland English
1998–1999 Dorothy Habel Art
1998–1999 Geraldine Gesell Classics
1998–1999 Robert Drake English – Split/w Goslee
1998–1999 Nancy Goslee English – Split/w Drake
1998–1999 Richard Kelly English
1998–1999 Palmira Brummett History
1998–1999 Yen-Ping Hao History
1998–1999 Rosalind Hackett Religious Studies
1997–1998 Chuck Maland English
1997–1998 Dorothy Habel Art
1997–1998 Geraldine Gesell Classics
1997–1998 Richard Kelly English
1997–1998 Yen-Ping Hao History
1997–1998 Rem Edwards Philosophy
1996–1997 Geraldine Gesell Classics
1996–1997 Richard Kelly English
1996–1997 Chuck Maland English
1996–1997 Norman Sanders English
1996–1997 Yen-Ping Hao History
1996–1997 Dorothy Habel Art
1996–1997 Rem Edwards Philosophy
1995–1996 Richard Kelly English
1995–1996 Chuck Maland English
1995–1996 Yen-Ping Hao History
1995–1996 Rem Edwards Philosophy
1995–1996 Dorothy Habel Art
1995–1996 Geraldine Gesell Classics
1995–1996 Norman Sanders English
1994–1995 Richard Kelly English
1994–1995 Yen-Ping Hao History
1994–1995 Dorothy Habel Art
1994–1995 Geraldine Gesell Classics
1994–1995 Chuck Maland English
1994–1995 Norman Sanders English
1994–1995 Rem Edwards Philosophy
1993–1994 Dorothy Habel Art
1993–1994 Geraldine Gesell Classics
1993–1994 Richard Kelly English
1993–1994 Chuck Maland English
1993–1994 Jon Manchip White English
1993–1994 Norman Sanders English
1993–1994 Yen-Ping Hao History
1993–1994 Rem Edwards Philosophy
1992–1993 Geraldine Gesell Classics
1992–1993 Richard Kelly English
1992–1993 Jon Manchip White English
1992–1993 Norman Sanders English
1992–1993 Yen-Ping Hao History
1992–1993 Rem Edwards Philosophy
1992–1993 Dorothy Habel Art
1991–1992 Dorothy Habel Art
1991–1992 Geraldine Gesell Classics
1991–1992 Jon Manchip White English
1991–1992 Norman Sanders English
1991–1992 Richard Kelly English
1991–1992 Yen-Ping Hao History
1991–1992 Rem Edwards Philosophy
1990–1991 Rem Edwards Philosophy
1990–1991 Dorothy Habel Art
1990–1991 Geraldine Gesell Classics
1990–1991 Richard Kelly English
1990–1991 Jon Manchip White English
1990–1991 Norman Sanders English
1990–1991 Yen-Ping Hao History
1989–1990 Richard Kelly English
1989–1990 Yen-Ping Hao History
1989–1990 Dorothy Habel Art
1989–1990 Geraldine Gesell Classics
1989–1990 Jon Manchip White English
1989–1990 Norman Sanders English
1989–1990 Rem Edwards Philosophy
1988–1989 Dorothy Habel Art
1988–1989 Geraldine Gesell Classics
1988–1989 Richard Kelly English
1988–1989 Jon Manchip White English
1988–1989 Norman Sanders English
1988–1989 Yen-Ping Hao History
1988–1989 Rem Edwards Philosophy
1987–1988 Norman Sanders English
1987–1988 Jon Manchip White English
1987–1988 Paul Barrette Modern Foreign Languages & Literature
1987–1988 Rem Edwards Philosophy
1986–1987 Percy Adams English
1986–1987 Jon Manchip White English
1986–1987 Dale Cleaver Art
1986–1987 Baxter Miller English
1986–1987 Norman Sanders English
1986–1987 Yen-Ping Hao History
1986–1987 W. Bruce Wheeler History
1986–1987 Michael Handelsman Modern Foreign Languages & Literature
1986–1987 Richard Aquila Philosophy
1985–1986 Dale Cleaver Art
1985–1986 Percy Adams English
1985–1986 Jon Manchip White English
1985–1986 Norman Sanders English
1985–1986 Yen-Ping Hao History
1985–1986 Michael Handelsman Modern Foreign Languages & Literature
1984–1985 Dale Cleaver Art
1984–1985 Percy Adams English
1984–1985 Jon Manchip White English
1984–1985 Norman Sanders English
1984–1985 Milton Klein History
1983–1984 Milton Klein History
1983–1984 Dale Cleaver Art
1983–1984 Geraldine Gesell Classics
1983–1984 Percy Adams English
1983–1984 Jon Manchip White English
1983–1984 Norman Sanders English
1983–1984 Norman Sanders English
1983–1984 John H. Morrow, Jr. History
1983–1984 Michael Handelsman Modern Foreign Languages & Literature
1982–1983 Dale Cleaver Art
1982–1983 Percy Adams English
1982–1983 John Fisher English
1982–1983 Jon Manchip White English
1982–1983 Milton Klein History
1982–1983 Michael Handelsman Modern Foreign Languages & Literature
1981–1982 Dale Cleaver Art
1981–1982 Percy Adams English
1981–1982 Jon Manchip White English
1981–1982 Milton Klein History
1980–1981 Dale Cleaver Art
1980–1981 Percy Adams English
1980–1981 Jon Manchip White English
1980–1981 Milton Klein History