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Lorayne W. Lester Award

Lorayne W. Lester This award was established by the College of Arts and Sciences Board of Visitors/Associates, faculty, staff, and friends to honor Lorayne Lester, who served as associate dean and then dean of the college from 1991 to 2002. This annual award recognizes a faculty member or an exempt staff member who has demonstrated outstanding service through research, outreach, and/or administrative, teaching, or advising services to the UT College of Arts and Sciences, State of Tennessee, local community, or beyond. The dean of the college makes the award after consultation with the college staff.

For questions regarding this award, please contact Marla Roberts.


  • 2018 – Kurt Butefish, Department of Geography
  • 2017 – Susan Martin, Department of Classics
  • 2016 – John Nolt, Department of Philosophy
  • 2015 – Suzanne Lenhart, Department of Mathematics
  • 2014 – John Zomchick, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
  • 2013 – Stephen V. Ash, Department of History
  • 2012 – John Koontz, Department of Biochemistry, Cellular, & Molecular Biology
  • 2011 – Stan Guffey, Division of Biology
  • 2010 – John O. Hodges, Religious Studies
  • 2009 – Richard A. Saudargas, Department of Psychology
  • 2008 – Rosalind Hackett, Department of Religious Studies
  • 2007 – James T. Brimer, Department of Theatre
  • 2006 – Marcia Goldenstein, School of Art
  • 2005 – Charmaine Mamantov, Department of Chemistry
  • 2004 – Norma Cook, Special Programs
  • 2003 – Wanda Wagner, Department of Mathematics