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Haines-Morris Grant

See Also: Haines-Morris Budget Form (Fillable) | Summary Sheet Haines-Morris

The Mildred Haines and William Elijah Morris Lecture Endowment supports campus visits of lecturers and scholars in all disciplines in the College of Arts and Sciences.

The dean of the college solicits proposals from departments and academic programs for the use of the funds, appoints an advisory committee to review and make recommendations regarding the proposals, and makes awards to the successful proposals. The advisory committee has a representative from the humanities, the social sciences, the natural sciences and the arts faculties of the college. The committee selects a chairperson from among its members. Committee members serve two-year terms and may be reappointed at the discretion of the dean.
Applicants are asked to keep the following recommendations in mind:

  1. Proposals for the 2021-2022 academic year will be given priority, but projects planned for 2022-2023 also will be considered..
  2. Multi-disciplinary proposals involving more than one department or program are encouraged.
  3. Funding will be limited normally to grants of up to $6,000 per department, but requests for larger sums will be entertained.
  4. Applicants are encouraged to seek funds from other sources to supplement Haines-Morris awards. Such support should be noted in the proposal budget form.
  5. Proposals should be limited to 1,000 words, including a description of the event or events, the audience(s) to be reached, and a full explanation of how the monies are to be used. Please include the following form-fillable Budget Form in the request and vitae of the principal organizers and/or participants. Please also include the following Summary Sheet as the first page of the request.

Submit proposals electronically to Marla Roberts.

Submission Deadline for proposals for the 2022/2023 academic year: May 2, 2022.


Requested by: Description Amount Awarded
Robert Bland, Zhandarka Kurti, Tyler Wall Criminalizing the Mountain South: Persistent Inequalities – Roundtable Series $6,000.00
Jason Brown Cassils: The Body as Social Sculpture – lecture series $4,500.00
Beauvais Lyons, Ben Auerbach Campus Lectures by Adam Hartstone-Rose – public lectures & museum consultation $1,000.00
Elias Fernandez, Francisco Barrera, Rajan Lamichhane Cellular Molecular Machines – seminar series $5,500.00
Paul Gellert, Tore Olsson, Solange Munoz, Asafa Jalata, Calista Boyd, Lily Hardwig, Nikhil Deb, Tamra Gilbertson The US in the Globe and the Global in the US: a view from the Southeast periphery – Lecture Series $6,000.00
Betsabe Navarro Hispanic Film Festival – Filmmaker Jordi Torrent as speaker on UT campus $1,050.00
Rosalind Hackett, Megan Bryson, Tina Shepardson Symposium on Religious & the Nonprofit Sector – symposium $3,000.00
Misty Anderson, Hilary Havens, Calvin MacLean, Tom Cervone Jane’s Birthday Ball – workshop $1,450.00

Tricia Hepner, Amy Mundorff, Bertin Louis, & Kandace Hollenbach Intersections: Adversity, Identity, Perspectives – conference $5,100.00
Rajan Lamichhane & Francisco Barrera Single-Molecule Approaches: Dynamics & Interactions of Complex Macromolecules –  seminar series $1,000.00
Tongye Shen & Rachel Patton McCord Physical Biology of Extreme Geographic Locations – seminar series $480.00
Christopher Hebert University of Tennessee Creative Writing Series Presents Author Joy Williams – lecture/reading series $3,000.00
Rudyard Alcocer GaboFest: A Celebration of Gabriel Garcia Marquez – symposium $1,000.00
Vitaly Ganusov & Chunlei Su Fall 2019 Seminar Series $2,000.00
Miroslav Hristov UT Ready for the World Music Series – lecture/recital $3,500.00
Andrew Bliss Nief-Norf Summer Festival 10th Anniversary – lecture series/festival $4,600.00
Rachel May Golden Music, Sound Studies, & the Environment: New Perspectives in Changing Landscapes – lecture series $2,000.00
Calvin MacLean & Tom Cervone Broadway at the Keys & Master Class Workshop with Levi Kreis – performance/workshop $2,000.00
Amy Elias In Speculative Light: The Arts of James Baldwin & Beauford Delaney – symposium $3,500.00

Patrick Grzanka, Nora Berenstain, Catherine Shteynberg Lecture Series – For All the World to See: Visual Culture and the Struggle for Civil Rights


Caela O’Connell, Amy Mundorff, Bertin Louis Conference – Transitions: Crisis, Uncertainty, Opportunity


Stephen Blackwell, Calvin MacLean, Christopher Hebert, Natalia Pervukhim Author Festival – ChekhovFest


Brandon Winford, Shannen Dee Williams Lecture Series – 3rd Annual Fleming-Morrow Distinguished Lecture in African-American History


Adam Cureton, Brad Areheart, Nora Berestain, Caroline Mobley Conference – Philosophy of Disability Conference


Maragaret Lazarus Dean Poetry Reading and Informal Student Talk – Visiting Poet Brenda Hillman


Amy Elias Lecture – Dialogues: Region and Nation: A Lecture by J.D. Vance


Jill Mikucki, Steven Wilhelm Seminar Series – Earth’s Microbiome: Commonalities Across Diverse Environments


Charles Kwit, Denise Phillips Seminar Series – Why Natural History Matters in the 21st Century


Amy Elias & Michelle Commander Symposium – The Futures of Afrofuturism 3,000.00

Rebecca Prosser, Matthew Cooper, & Sahba Seddighi

Conference – Brain Awareness Week 2,500.00

Jennifer Schweitzer, Kimberly Sheldon, & Sally Horn

Lecture Series – Women, ecology and conservation in a changing world 3,000.00
Laura Howes, Roy Liuzza, Anne-Helene Miller, & Lauren Whitnah Conference – Southeastern Medieval AssociationAnnual Conference 1,920.00
Rachel May Golden Lecture Series – Distinguished Lecture Series in Musicology 2,500.00
Miroslav Hristov Lecture/Recital – UT Ready for the World Music Series 3,000.00

Brendan McConville, Jorge Variego, Andrew Sigler, & Andrew Bliss

Concerts, Lectures, Master Classes – UT Contemporary Music Festival 2,000.00

Alison Buchan, Todd Reynolds, & Erik Zinser

Seminar Series – AY 16-17 Haines-Morris Microbial Physiology Seminar Series 2,000.00

Clerk Shaw, Kristina Gehrman, & Jon Garthoff

Conference – Tennessee Value & Agency Conference – Pleasure and Pain 3,000.00

Hilary Havens, Misty Anderson, & Stephen Blackwell

Lectures & Cultural Events – AuthorFest series: AustenFest (Jane Austen Festival) 2,000.00
Jason Brown & Liz Teston Lecture, Workshop, & Panel Discussion – Theaster Gates: creative place-making in the urban landscape 2,455.00

Eliza Guyol-Meinrath, Tyler Howe, Vivian Choi, Tricia Hepner, & Jaymelee Kim Conference – Disasters, Displacement, & Human Rights (DDHR) Conference 2,500.00
Rebecca Prosser, Matthew Cooper, & Sahba Seddighi Seminar – Brain Awareness Week Keynote Speaker 2,350.00
David Baker & John Larese Seminar Series – Trends in the 21st Century at the Chemistry-Biology Interface 1,856.50
Stephen Blackwell, Sarah Eldridge, & Dawn Coleman 2 Multi-event Festivals – “Great Authors” Festivals: Goethe Festival, Melville Festival 2,988.00
Steven Wilhelm & Karen Lloyd Seminar series – It is a microbial world after all 3,000.00
Brendan McConville, Jorge Variego, Andrew Sigler, & Andrew Bliss Concerts/lectures/master classes – UT Contemporary Music Festival 3,000.00
Patrick Grzanka & Adrienne Smith Symposium – New Horizons in Intersectionality Research, Practice, & Activism 3,000.00
Rosalind Hackett, Rachelle Scott, & Mark Hulsether Annual Lecture – 6th Annual David Dungan Lecture: Jonathan Walton (Religion and Prosperity) 1,856.50
R. Scott Frey & Harry Dahms Ecological Unequal Exchange: Environmental Injustice in Comparative Perspective 3,000.00
David Byrd, Calvin MacLean, & Ethan Roeder Project/Symposium – A Lesson Before Dying & Ancillary Programming 3,000.00

Althea Murphy-Price & Visiting Artists Committee Visiting Art Critics – Lecture and student meetings 2,000.00
Deborah Shmerler Lecture & Workshop – Graphic Design & Interdisciplinary Ways of Working 2,000.00
Rebecca Prosser, Matthew Cooper, & Harriet Bowden Symposium – Advancing Brain Research in the 21st Century 5,000.00
Paul Armsworth Seminar Series – 2014-2015 Baker Center Energy and Environment Forum 2,000.00
Katherine Chiles, Marilyn Kallet, & Michelle Commander Seminar & Reading – National Book Award winner for poetry 3,100.00
Thomas Heffernan Lecture Series – 2014-15 Distinguished Visiting Scholars 5,000.00
Miroslav Hristov Ready for the World Musical Concert Series 3,000.00
David Reidy, John Garthoff, & Adam Cureton – Conference TVA Conference 4,075.00

Rebecca Prosser, Melissa Lee, Alex Houck, and Ellen Ford; Department of BCMB and IDP Brain Awareness Week Conference 1500.00
Thomas Heffernan, Humanities Center Humanities Center 2nd Annual Lecture and Seminar 5000.00
Rachel Golden (Musicology), Music Distinguished Lecture Series 4000.00
Brendan McConville, David Royse, and Barbara Murphy; Music Doc Severinsen International Composition Contest (Concerts, Clinics, and Classes) 4000.00
EJ Coffman, Markus Kohl, and David Palmer; Philosophy Tennessee Value and Agency Conference 2650.00
Jana Morgan and Adrienne Smith, Political Science Comparative Perspectives on Gender and Politics (Roundtable and Workshop) 4500.00
Rosalind Hackett, Religious Studies David L. Dungan Memorial Lecture Series and Meeting 2000.00
Calvin MacLean and David Alley, Theatre Musical Theatre Workshop 2000.00

Beauvais Lyons, School of Art, and Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius, Department of History Visiting Artist 1, 800.00
Karen Lloyd, Jill Mikucki, and Steven Wilhelm, Microbiology Seminar Series 3,000.00
Jana Morgan and Scott Powell, Political Science Roundtable & Workshop 2,686.00
John Sipes, Theatre, and Mary Campbell, School of Art Production of “Red” 2,000.00
Paul Armsworth, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Seminar & Discussion Series 4,000.00
Thomas Heffernan, English Guest Speaker 4,000.00
Bertin Louis, Anthropology/Africana Studies Guest Speaker 4,000.00
Harry Dahms and Jon Shefner, Sociology Two-Day Conference 3,000.00
Jon Horton, Chemistry Student-Led Open Lecture Series 1,800.00
Brendan McConville, Barbara Murphy, and David Royse, School of Music Guest Performers for Special Conference Event 1,714.00
Marvelene Moore, School of Music Eighth and Final National Symposium on Multicultural Music at UT 4,000.00
Adam Cureton, Jonathan Garthoff, David Palmer, and David Reidy, Philosophy Two-And-a-Half Day Conference 3,000.00

Beauvais Lyons, School of Art, and Gilya Schmidt, Religious Studies Visiting Artist and Scholar 2,200.00
Ruth Weisberg
John Nolt, Philosophy Symposium 4,500.00
Marilyn Kallet, English Guest Speaker 2,200.00
Hillary Herndon, School of Music String Quartet 5,100.00
Daniel Magilow and Maria Stehle, MFLL, and Monica Black, History Southeast German Studies Consortium (SEGSC) Workshop 3,000.00
Erik Zinser and Frank Loeffler, Microbiology Seminar Series 4,000.00
Musicology Faculty, School of Music Distinguished Lecture Series 4,000.00

Beauvais Lyons, School of Art Campus Visit by “The Yes Men” (Andy Bichlbaum & Mike Bonanno)
Patricia Tinajero & Emily Bivens, School of Art An Approximation to Ecuadorian Contemporary Art in a Global Context
Michael Kilbey, Jon Camden & Jon Horton, Chemistry Frontiers of Atomic & Molecular Science: A Student-Led Open Lecture Series
Allen Dunn, English Conf. sponsored by Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal and the English Dept. in Spring 2011
Nasser Al-Taee, Rachael Golden & Leslie Gay, Music Musicology Faculty requests support for the Dist. Lecture Series to Invite Outstanding Scholars and Performers
Brian O’Meara & Nate Sanders, EEB & Micro Seminar Series Linking Phylogenetics with Ecology and Conservation Biology and Women in Science
Lowell Gaertner, Jim McNulty, & Michael Olson, Psychology A Speaker Series on Evolutionary Social Psychology hosting four speakers Individually on Campus During the Fall 2010 Semester.
Cal MacLean, Theatre Clarence Brown Theatre production of Woyzeck

B. Lyons, School of Art “Multiple x Multiple” exhibition to be held at Ewing Gallery of Art from 10/8 through 11/8/09 5,750.00
Deb Shmerler & Beauvais Lyons, School of Art Invited lecturer Shawn Brixey, Digital Arts, Two-Day Presentation Proposed, 10/1–2/09. 1,500.00
P. Tinajero, School of Art Campus Visit and Lecture by Linda Weintraub. 1,030.00
R. Prosser, E. Chesler, M. Cooper, L. Gaertner, C. Peterson, BCMB & Psychology Stress Psychology Half-Day Symposium & Workshop Spring Semester 2010. 3,220.00
A. Elias, English Guest Lecturer Prof. N Thiong’o lecture and Reading/Book Signing in Fall 2009 6,000.00
M. Lofaro, English James Agee Centennial Celebration, 11/19-22/09 6,000.00
S. Wilhelm & S. Campagna, Microbiology and Chemistry Interdisciplinary Seminar Series-Omics and Emerging Tools at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology 6,000.00
Cal MacLean, Theatre Guest Artist & Lighting Designer Jennifer Tipton Assist With Expenses During the Play (Oedipus Rex) 6,000.00

B. Lyons, School of Art “Multiple x Multiple” exhibition to be held at Ewing Gallery of Art from 10/8 through 11/8/09. 5,757.00
Deb Shmerler & Beauvais Lyons, School of Art Invited lecturer Shawn Brixey, digital arts, Two-Day presentation proposed, 10/1-2/09. 1,500.00
P. Tinajero, School of Art; Campus visit and lecture by Linda Weintraub 1,030.00
R. Prosser, E. Chesler, M. Cooper, L. Gaertner, C. Peterson, BCMB and Psychology Stress Psychology Half-Day Symposium & Workshop Spring Semester 2010. 3,220.00
A. Elias, English Guest lecturer Prof. N Thiong’o Lecture and Reading/Book Signing in Fall 2009 6,000.00
M. Lofaro, English James Agee Centennial Celebration, 11/19-22/09 6,000.00
S. Wilhelm & S. Campagna, Microbiology and Chemistry Interdisciplinary seminar series-Omics and Emerging Tools at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology 6,000.00
Cal MacLean, Theatre Guest Artist & Lighting Designer Jennifer Tipton assist w/expenses duing the play (Oedipus Rex) 6,000.00

Amy Elias, English and members of the Contemporary Arts and Society Working Group (CAAS) Visiting Scholar W. J. T. Mitchell 3,000.00
Rachel Carlson, School of Music “Distinguished Lecture Series in Musicology” 2,000.00
Patricia Tinajero and Emily Bivens, School of Art “Sound, Movement, Space: An Interdisciplinary Art Project” 2,000.00
Paul Lee, School of Art; Michael Frazier, Mathematics; Soren Sorensen,Physics Visiting Mathematician and Origami Artist: Robert Lang 1,470.00
Steven Wilhelm, Microbiology Interdisciplinary Seminar Series on Microorganisms in Earth and Environmental Science 6,000.00
Denis Arnold and John Nolt, Philosophy Conference on Ethics and The Environment 8,730.00
Calvin MacLean, Theatre Guest Artist and Director Andrea Dymond 4,000.00
Beauvais Lyons and Deb Shmerler, School of Art Zimbabwean Visiting Artist Chaz Maviyane-Davis 2,800.00
Marvelene Moore, School of Music National Symposium of Multicultural Music 6,000.00

John Brock, School of Music “Nach Bach: From the Master to Mendelssohn” Conference 6,000.00
Mike Gilchrist, Lou Gross, Gary McCracken, and Joe Williams Seminar Series on “Emerging Infectious Diseases” 6,000.00
Rachel Carlson, School of Music “Distinguished Lecture Series in Musicology” 5,600.00
Bill Dewey, School of Art Visiting Artists, Juan Garcia and Edizon León, “The Color of the Diaspora: Afro-Ecuadorian Word and Image” 5,000.00
Anita Jung, School of Art; Harry Dahms, Sociology; Barbara Klinkhammer, College of Architecture and Design; Daniel Magilow, Foreign Languages & Literatures; and David Tompkins, History Visiting Artists – Lothar Osterburg and Helen Frederick 5,000.00
Jason Brown, School of Art Visiting Artists Richard Saxton, Stuart Hyatt, and David Wyrick 2,400.00

*Dennis Arnold, Philosophy “Ethics and the Business of Biomedicine” conference 5,000.00
*Leslie Gay, School of Music “Distinguished Lecture Series in Musicology” 5,800.00
*Michael Knight, English Visiting poet X.J. Kennedy 2,000.00
*Beauvais Lyons & Anita Jung Visiting artists Roger Shimomura and John Newman 4,800.00
*Marvelene Moore, School of Music “2006 National Symposium on Multicultural Music” 8,000.00
*Sam Yates, School of Art Exhibition Girl Culture 3,408.00

*Jason Brown, & Edgar, Stach, School or Art “UT Interdisciplinary Design Lecture Series:Lightweight Structures in Architecture and Art” 5,000.00
*Anita Jung & Beauvais Lyons, School of Art “Visiting Artists from Poznan, Poland” 5,000.00
*Lowell Gaertner & Deborah Welsh, Psychology “Seminar on Multi-Level Modeling” 3,970.00
*Robert Hinde & John Larese, Chemistry “Frontiers in Many-Body Molecular Science” 3,750.00
*Marilyn Kallet, English “UT Southern Festival of Literature, Honoring George Garrett” 4,000.00
*Cynthia Fleming, History “Fortieth Anniversary of Freedom Summer” 5,000.00
*Marvelene Moore, School of Music “Fifth Biennial National Symposium on Multicultural Music” 8,000.00
*Blake Robinson, Theatre “Support for the production of BABEL” 4,000.00
*Gilya Schmidt, Judaic Studies “Judaic Studies Tenth Anniversary Program 1,600.00
*Cheryl Travis, Women’s Studies “Speakers on Women’s Issues” 5,000.00

*Flavia-Brizio-Skov, Modern Foreign Languages & Literatures “International Seminar of Cooperative Exchange Program between UTK & University of Genoa, Italy 5,000.00
*Marianne Custer & Blake Robinson, Theatre “Frank Hanig 4-Week Seminar” 6,000.00
*Tom Hallam, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology “Fifth Anniversary of EEB” 5,000.00
*Marilyn Kallet & Allen Carroll, English “Writers-in Residence Series” 5,000.00
*Anita Jung & Beauvais Lyons, School of Art “Dr. Johanna Drucker Print Project” 4,000.00
*Yasuyuki Kachi, Shashikant Mulay & Pavlos Tzermias, Mathematics “2002 John Barrett Memorial Lectures” 5,500.00
*Jonathan Kaplan & David Reidy, Philosophy “Visiting Lecture Series” 8,000.00
*Marvelene Moore, School of Music “National Symposium on Multicultural Music” 8,960.00
*Jan Musfeldt, Chemistry “Chemistry’s Two-Year Seminar Program” 5,000.00

*Thomas Burman, Medieval Studies “Two Speakers, Luke Wenger & Joseph Snow, & Three Guests for the Southeastern Medieval Association Lectures 2,800.00
*Mitchell Cruzan, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology “Darwin Day 2000 Lecture Series” 5,400.00
*William Dunne, Geological Sciences “Visiting Scholar, Dr. Colin D. Sumrall” 2,095.00
*Pat Freeland, Political Science “One Major Scholar in the Study of Civil Society” 3,000.00
*Thomas Hood, Sociology “Forums on Different Perspectives of the Environment” 5,000.00
* Beauvais Lyons, School of Art “Eric Avery Lecture Series” 4,500.00
*Marvelene Moore, School of Music “2000 National Symposium on Multicultural Music” 6,000.00
*Hilde L. Nelson, Philosophy “Bioethics: The Next Twenty-Five Years” 5,629.00
*Kurt Piehler, Center for the Study of War and Society “The Veteran and the American Society” 5,000.00
*Charles Reynolds, Religious Studies “Lothar Honnighausen & Charles Long Lectures” 5,000.00
*Efrancon Williams, Chemistry “Chemical Lecture Series” 5,000.00

*Botany 4,800.00
*Botany and Microbiology, 3,200.00
*Ziling (Ben) Xue, Chemistry “Interdisciplinary Lecture Series” 5,000.00
*Mathematics 10,000.00

*Thomas, Cook, Theatre Three Symposia -“Business and the Arts”, “Chekhov, The Cherry Orchard”, and “Theatre in Modern Russia” 5,000.00
*Rosalind Hackett, Religious Studies “Visiting Professor Bolanji Campbell Symposium” 3,000.00
*Karen Hughes, Botany “Genetics and Social Impact: Decisions fro our Future Seminar” 7,000.00
*Michael Logan, Anthropology “Expressions of Ethnicity: A Comparative and Historical Perspective on Native American Art Symposium” 7,000.00
*Beauvais Lyons, School of Art “Lorna Simpson: For the Sake of the Viewer” 500.00
*Faye Julian, Speech Communication “Karlyn Kohrs Discussion Sessions, American First Ladies” 3,000.00

*Paul Barrette, Medieval Studies “Medieval Academy Meeting 3,000.00
*Faye Julian, Speech Communication “Dr. Franklyn Haiman Lecture” 2,500.00
*Beauvais Lyons, School of Art “Dr. Linda Hutcheon Meeting 1,000.00
*Fred Martinson & Yen-Ping Hao, Asian Studies “Asian Studies Program 1,200.00
*Jan Simek, Anthropology “Sociocultural Antropology in Environmental and Management Planning” 600.00