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College Convocation Award for the Development of Interdepartmental Collaboration in Scholarship & Research

Some of the most exciting and creative scholarly work takes place at the interface between disciplines. The College of Arts and Sciences wishes to recognize the efforts of those who reach out beyond their departmental and disciplinary borders to explore new areas. Since fall 2012, at the annual Faculty Awards Dinner the college gives an award to a team that shows the potential to be particularly successful in interdisciplinary scholarship and research.


To be eligible for this award, collaborative groups must involve at least two departments in the College of Arts and Sciences, and preferably two divisions within the college (arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences will be recognized as divisions for this award). Groups that have developed enough stability to be named as centers or ORUs would not normally be eligible. Because the chancellor gives an award for cross-college collaboration, such collaborations are not a priority for the Arts and Sciences award.

Groups that wish to be considered should have moved beyond the idea stage. They should be able to show a tangible outcome of the collaboration, such as a coauthored published paper or national-level presentation, or the submission of a joint proposal to a nationally-competitive funding agency.

Nominations should be in electronic format and include the following material:

  1. A completed Development of Interdepartmental Collaboration in Scholarship and Research Nomination Form
  2. A list of the faculty members involved, specifying the units to which they belong
  3. A letter (no more than two pages) that describes the nature and history of the collaboration
  4. Two-page CVs of the leading members of the collaboration

Self-nominations will be considered.

An award of $2,000 will be transferred to an account to be used for future work in the collaborative project. Awards will be presented at this year’s Winter Convocation.

Nominations should be sent to Larry McKay no later than November22 at 5:00 p.m.


Year Recipient Department
2020 Jacob Levy
Barbara A. Murphy
2019 Alex Bentley
Jon Garthoff
Garriy Shteynberg
2018 Andreas Nebenführ
Vasileios Maroulas
2017 Michelle Christian
Jioni Lewis
2016 Helen A. Baghdoyan
Shawn Campagna
Ralph Lydic
2015 Nora Berenstain
Patrick Grzanka
2014 Hoan Bui
Todd Moore
2013 No Award
2012 Matthew Cooper
Jim Hall
Rebecca Prosser
Biochemistry, Cellular, and Molecular Biology
Biochemistry, Cellular, and Molecular Biology