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College Convocation Advising Awards

As the largest and most comprehensive college in this university, Arts and Sciences should recognize excellence in research, teaching, and service. As stated in the UT Knoxville Faculty Handbook, “. . . good teaching, scholarly research and academic advising are mutually supporting aspects of faculty excellence.”  The college will sponsor two awards to recognize excellence in undergraduate advising. Such recognition provides rewards for past achievement and encourages future resourceful and creative efforts in undergraduate advising.

The College of Arts and Sciences Advising Awards acknowledge outstanding advising of undergraduates in the College of Arts and Sciences. The awards will be selected by the awards committee from nominations submitted by faculty and students in the college. Previous recipients include:

  • 2022 – Gerard Cohen-Vrignaud
  • 2021 – Yen-Chen Hao and Paul Gellert
  • 2020 – Erin Darby and Jennifer Schweitzer
  • 2019 – Joanne Devlin and Anthony Welch
  • 2018 – Alison Buchan and Jim Hall
  • 2017 – Michelle Christian and Sarah Lebeis
  • 2016 – Lisa Y.F. Parker and Stuart B. Elston
  • 2015 – Jennifer Bolden and Michael Handelsman
  • 2014 – Remus Nicoara and Bill Hardwig
  • 2013 – Margaret Lazarus Dean and Micheline van Riemsdijk
  • 2012 – Charles Collins and Casey Sams
  • 2011 – Rachelle Scott and David Wilson
  • 2010 – Greg Kaplan, Jochen Denzler, Ben Feldmeyer, and Kate Jones
  • 2009 – David G. Anderson, Luis C. Cano, and James D. Caponetti
  • 2008 – David Lee, Suzanne Wright, Beth Mullin, and Anthony Nownes
  • 2007 – Lynn Sacco and Pavlos Tzermias
  • 2006 – Millie Gimmel and Kenton Yeager
  • 2005 – David Brunell and Barbara Murphy

Selection Procedure

A committee chaired by the director of Student Affairs and Arts and Sciences Advising Services will select the awardees. Committee membership will include the previous year’s winners, a representative from Advising Services staff, a peer advisor from the Arts and Sciences Advising Services and a student member of the Dean’s Student Advisory Council. The director of Student Affairs and Arts and Sciences Advising Services will serve as a permanent member of the committee; other members will be rotated annually. Nominations for the Advising Awards will be solicited through December 15 at 5:00 p.m.


Any full-time faculty member or instructor may be nominated for the award. Adjunct faculty and graduate teaching assistants are ineligible. Members of the awards committee are also ineligible during their term of service on the committee. In addition, previous award recipients of a particular category are ineligible for renomination for five years following their receipt of that award. A faculty member is eligible to receive only one award in a given year.

Nomination Procedure

Nominations should be based on advising service performed during the past two years. Nominators are asked to attach a narrative statement (limited to two pages) describing the advising performed by the candidate and including commentary on the nature and quality of the advising. Information about the candidate’s teaching and research accomplishments need not be included in the nomination. Complete the Advising Award Nomination Form. Please note that for security reasons, you must be logged in to your UT Net ID / Google account in order to fill out the form. Please contact Shanna Pendergrast for questions.