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Welcoming New Lecturers

The College of Arts and Sciences is the gateway to knowledge for every undergraduate student enrolled at UT. As part of the university’s general education curriculum, all students receive core instruction from the college in the humanities, visual and performing arts, and the social and natural sciences. Our faculty deliver nearly three-quarters of the student credit hours of all lower division courses. More than 200 full-time nontenure track faculty help us accomplish this mission. This fall, we welcome 39 new lecturers to 13 of our 21 departments.

School of Art

  • Eleanor Conover
  • Rebecca Howard
  • Tanju Ozdemir

Division of Biology

  • Kaitlin Palla

Department of Chemistry

  • Lauren Anderson
  • Marguerite Danna

Department of Classics

  • Dylan Bloy
  • Reema Habib

Department of English

  • Elizabeth Cooley
  • John Han
  • Shannon Heath
  • Richard Hermes
  • Donald Shultz
  • Andrew Todd
  • Caroline Wilkinson

Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences

  • Jacob Benner

Department of Modern Foreign Languages & Literatures

  • Beatrice Flamenbaum
  • Francesca Mariachiar Follone-Montgomery
  • Ana Cecilia George
  • Ana Marga Hernandez Mendoza de Polaczyk
  • Betsabe Navarro Romero
  • Emily Pace
  • Gabriela Andrade Luz Parizzi
  • Robert Sauveur

Department of History

  • Joshua Sander
  • Logan Tomlin
  • Lydia Walker

Department of Mathematics

  • Robin Baidya
  • Angela Gentry-Shibley
  • John Griffis
  • David Horton Jr.
  • Peter Humphries
  • Elisa Weir
  • Moniruz Zaman

School of Music

  • Lindsey Cope

Department of Philosophy

  • Ginger Clausen
  • Marlin Sommers

Department of Political Science

  • David Scott
  • Chana Solomon-Schwartz

Department of Sociology

  • Zachary McKenney