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Collaborative Research Awards

The student/faculty research awards are used to advance the work for both faculty and graduate students and help support student research/scholarship/creative activity. The awards also give students experience writing grants and foster the mentoring relationship between faculty and graduate students.

This year, the graduate school received 84 applications. Out of the 16 funded proposals, College of Arts and Sciences students/faculty received 10 awards.

Department of Anthropology

Caela O’Connell and Shawn Griffith
“‘Where do I go when there is nowhere to be?’ – An assessment of homelessness in the face of a shifting climate”

School of Art

John Powers and Nyasha Madamombe
“Carved in Stone: Contemporary approaches to an ancient material”

Department of Biochemistry and Cellular & Molecular Biology

Andreas Nebenführ and Thomas Payne
“Out of the Darkness: Understanding the function of chloroplast IOJAP protein during etioplast to chloroplast differentiation”

Francisco Barrera Olivares and Justin Westerfield
“The effect of Negatively Charged Lipids on Transmembrane Interactions of the EphA2 Receptor”

Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences

Annette Engel and Vickie Frazier
“Water Quality Indicators for Urbanization of Karst Watersheds in the Greater Knoxville Metropolitan Area”

Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Charles Kwit and Chloe Lash
“In the Ant Nest: Investigating the microbial composition of seed-dispersing ant nests and the potential advantages to seeds therein”

Brandon Matheny and Rachel Swenie
“Evolution and Diversification of Chanterelles and Allied Mushrooms (Cantharellales)”

Department of Mathematics

Suzanne Lenhart and Cara Sulyok
“Mathematically Modeling Celiac Disease to Find a Cure”

Department of Modern Foreign Languages & Literatures

Anne-Helene Miller and Klayton Tietjen
“Training and Research in French Medieval Paleography”

Department of Psychology

Kirsten Gonzales and Lex Pullice-Farrow
“Transgender Belonging, Community Connection, and Minority Stress”