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BOFC Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I being asked to give?
Every gift matters to the university, no matter the level of the gift. The campaign’s success is based solely on participation, making it possible for every single employee to be a part of the program.

When we give, “they” give. By “they” we are referring to the alumni and friends who support our work here at UT. The Big Orange Family Campaign is your opportunity to say that you have joined UT’s journey and want to show that support with your investment.  Your participation demonstrates that UT is one of the best possible investments for a potential donor’s philanthropic support.

Who gives through the Big Orange Family Campaign?
Everyone who wants to! All full-time employees are invited to participate. Additionally, if you are UT alumni your gift to the campaign will also be counted in alumni participation rates.

Can I give for someone else?
No! Remember that it is not the level of someone’s gift, but their participation that counts. They can personally give a gift of any size that is meaningful to them and be considered a donor.

Are gifts tax-deductible?
Yes! Your gift is considered by the IRS to be a charitable contribution and is 100 percent tax deductible. Please note, gifts to athletics for ticket benefits are not tax deductible.

Does a team leader know if I’ve given?
Your decision to participate in the campaign is personal, and we hope you will!  Your team leader will know if you have participated, but will not be provided giving amounts or other personal donor information.

How much should I give?
Participation rates are how we measure our success. You can give $1, $5, $50, $500 or more. What is important is that you get involved at a level that is meaningful to you.

Where can I designate my gift?
You can designate your gift to any college, department, program, scholarship, or pre-established gift fund.

I have already made a gift this year.  Does this count in the Big Orange Family Campaign?
Yes, all gifts made by employees from July 1, 2020, to present will be counted.

Can I make a gift jointly with my spouse or partner?
Yes! Indicate on the gift card that the contribution is a joint gift and provide your spouse or partner’s name. If they also work for the university, spouses and partners can count their gifts as joint or individual gifts. Spouses and partners who work off campus should check with their human resource office to determine if their company will match your gift. Complete the proper matching form and include it with your gift.

What if I have an existing payroll deduction?
Then you do not need to do anything, unless you would like to receive the Big Orange Family Campaign socks. Then, you will need to increase your monthly deduction amount by a minimum of $5 per month.

Can I make a one-time gift through payroll deduction?
Yes.  We have the capability to accept a one-time gift through payroll deduction.  Just indicate that on the gift form in the proper area.

When will my payroll deduction start?
If you are starting a new payroll deduction or made changes to your current payroll deduction, the new deduction will begin the following month.

What about a deferred gift?
Deferred gifts—such as gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, and life insurance policies—also count as faculty and staff contributions. For more information, please call Eric Schimmoeller at 865-974- 4513 or email him at

I have a question that was not covered, who do I contact?
Get in touch with Lauren Herbstritt, Director of New Media Fundraising, at or 865-974-3009.