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Repeat Policy

General Repeat Policy

Students who are struggling with a class should talk with their advisor before deciding whether to withdraw from and/or plan to repeat a class.

  • Courses may be repeated twice, for a total of three attempts per course.
  • A grade of W does not count as one of the three attempts.
  • Grades of C-, D+, D, D-, F, Incomplete, and NC are counted as one of the three attempts.
  • No course may be repeated if a grade of C or better has already been earned.
  • Each repeated course is counted only once in determining credit hours presented for graduation.
  • With limited exceptions (see Grade Replacement Policy), all grades earned in repeated courses will count in calculating the GPA.
  • Exceptions to the number of times a course may be repeated will be allowed only with prior written permission from the head of the department where the course is being offered and the student’s college dean or designee.

Grade Replacement Policy for Three Lower Division (100-200 Level) Courses

  • The first three lower-division (100-200 level) course grades may be replaced when a course is repeated. All other grades will be included in computing the cumulative grade point average.
  • If the same course is repeated more than once, the additional repeat(s) will count toward the grade replacement total.
  • Repeating a course in which an NC or a W grade has been earned does not count as one of the three grade replacements.
  • The grade earned during the final attempt will be used in computing the cumulative GPA.
  • All grades for all courses remain on the transcript.
  • Transfer course grades cannot be replaced.