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Teacher Education Program

Preparation for prospective teachers at UT is a five-year process. Students earn a baccalaureate degree from the College of Arts & Sciences and a minor in Elementary, Middle School or Secondary Education from the College of Education, Health and Human Sciences at the end of the fourth year. During the fifth year, students enroll in a one-year internship to complete requirements for a teaching license and to earn graduate credits toward a master’s degree.

Prospective K–6 teachers may complete an Arts & Sciences major in a department, in one of the Interdisciplinary Programs, or if eligible, in the College Scholars Program. Prospective secondary and middle school teachers select a major in the subject area they plan to teach.

Elementary Education, Grades K–6

Teacher with elementary studentsThe Elementary Education program is a five-year curriculum that begins with students earning a bachelor’s degree from the College of Arts and Sciences, coupled with a minor in elementary education. The fifth year includes a year-long professional internship with course work at the graduate level. Upon completing the internship, you will need 12 hours of additional courses to earn a master’s degree. All of the elementary education programs result in grades K–6 licensure.

You will focus on one specific area of elementary education. The focus area will determine the type of school for your internship and the focus of some coursework. Four focus areas are available: rural schools, small school system, neighborhood schools, and urban/multicultural schools.

Middle Grades Education, Grades 4–8

Students in the Middle Grades Education program begin by earning a degree in a teaching subject from the College of Arts and Sciences. These subjects include English, biology, chemistry, physics, geology, mathematics, history, geography, economics and political science. In addition to fulfilling requirements in Arts and Sciences, you will complete a minor in Middle Grades Education and a year-long professional internship. At the culmination of the internship year, you will receive licensure in grades 4–8. You may then take three additional graduate hours to complete the master’s degree.

Secondary Education, Grades 7–12

teacher with high school studentThe Secondary Education programs focus on how the disciplines of English, foreign languages, mathematics, science, and social science are taught in the context of varied cultures in grades 7- 12. If you are planning on a career in secondary education, you will pursue a bachelor’s degree and teacher licensure with an appropriate major from the College of Arts and Sciences and a minor in secondary education. You will be granted teacher licensure at the successful completion of your professional year; you may then take 12 additional hours to complete the Master’s degree.

Art Education, Grades K–12

If you decide to pursue art and teaching as a career, you will enroll in the Art Education program. Within this program, you will major in one area of art—painting, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, media arts, graphic design, or photography—to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Additionally, you will complete a second major in art education. After you complete a one-year internship at the graduate level, you will be licensed to teach K–12; you may then take 12 additional hours to complete the master’s degree.

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Music Education, Grades K–12

The School of Music offers two programs that prepare students to teach music in public schools. The four-year program leads to a bachelor’s degree with teacher licensure. If you choose the five-year program, however, you will complete a year-long internship and earn 24 hours of credit, which may be applied toward the masters degree. As a part of the five-year program, you will have the opportunity to be licensed in instrumental or vocal music for grades K–12. Please contact the School of Music for more information regarding Music Education.

Advising for Teacher Education

If you are interested in a teaching career, contact the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences to schedule an appointment with a professional licensure advisor. Advisors in the Office of Professional Licensure work closely with individuals interested in pursuing teacher education by serving as the initial point of contact for new and currently enrolled students. Please contact a licensure advisor to learn more about your program’s eligibility requirements.

Contact Information for Teacher Education

Office of Professional Licensure and Student Services
College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences
332 David and Jane Bailey Education Complex
1122 Volunteer Blvd.
Knoxville, TN 37996-3433

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