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Law School Admissions Test (LSAT)

All law schools require that you take the LSAT prior to admission. The LSAT is given four times per year, and you should take the test early in order to meet February application deadlines, preferably in the summer following your junior year or in October of your senior year. You will register for the LSAT at

Questions about the LSAT

  1. When should I take the LSAT?
    1. When you are ready, but try to avoidDecember/February of the year you apply. The December LSAT usually falls during or right after UT fall finals, and the February LSAT is very close to many law school admission deadlines.
      1. Tests are offered February, June, October, December.
    2. In general, students seem to perform better after their junior year in college, and since there is no reason to take the LSAT before this time, you need not plan to take it earlier.
  2. How long should I take to prepare?
    1. Begin preparing 1-2 semesters in advance of the test date.
      1. Study old exams (available from the LSAC).
      2. Do not take this test cold. You need to commit to intense preparation for this exam.
      3. Kaplan offers a free practice LSAT offered in “real” conditions early each fall and spring. Contact for additional information and to sign up.
  3. How many times should I take the LSAT?
    1. Once, or if it was a disaster or you know you can make significant improvement with additional preparation, twice. You might talk with your pre-law advisor about retaking the LSAT and if it is a good idea for you.
  4. What does it test, and how is it scored?
    1. Reading comprehension, critical reasoning, logic.
    2. There are five sections that last 35 minutes each.
    3. There is also a writing section.
    4. Raw scores are converted to a scaled score with a high of 180, a low of 120, and a median of 150.
  5. How do I register?
    1. Go to to register and to find out the current fee.
  6. Should I take an LSAT class?
    1. Only if you are certain that it is necessary. Many programs cost in excess of $1,000, so really think about whether or not you need this type of test preparation.

LSAT Resources